Carole Lombard Biography
I am currently writing a book about Carole Lombard. This one is for the die-hards! The book will be a full-length biography and feature her extensive film and radio career, as well as letters, memoirs, and lots of photos!!

If you ever knew or met Carole, took photos of her, received a letter from her, or have any other information that could help with this endeavor, I am still collecting information and would love to hear from you. Please e-mail me at: Thank you.

And to those of you who have already assisted in this adventure, I am so grateful and completely indebted to you. Your generosity will not go unacknowledged.

46 Responses to Carole Lombard Biography Needs YOU

  1. Katie says:

    So excited! Can’t wait. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

  2. Tally says:

    Hi Dearie!
    Its Tally of THE LOMBARDIERS- on Yahoo. I wanted to say Id be happy to conmtribute whatever more photos I can, including those of a number of Carole’s personal posessions I have presently, due ultimately to be sent to the FT WAYNE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, also a portrait that hung at the ranch in ENcino. Again Id be honored to do whayever I can.Carole remains an inspiration to me to KEEP GOING and FIGHTING the cancer I am trying ot keep at bay.ANything FOR HER, is TOPS w/ Me!
    Please let me know, again these are dresses, hats jewelry,furs, etc.
    BRAVO fr a terrific site and FIRST CLASS JOB!
    Always your friend~

  3. Rachel says:

    Hi! Your website is fantastic. I truly look forward to your biography on Carole! Best of luck on it!

  4. Webmistress says:

    Thank you Rachel, Katie and Tally. YOU are all fantastic! And don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any feedback/suggestions. After all this book is for you ; )

    Love and Light

  5. Stormy Knight-Blake says:

    I was thinking of Carole today . . on the day she left us. And I happened upon this website. I couldn’t believe it. There are other people who like her as much as I do – wow. This site is very
    tastefully done, nicely laid out. I’m so glad I found it.

  6. WebMistress says:

    I am so glad you found us too Stormy. Welcome!

    Lots of Lombard Love,

  7. Jennifer Hind says:

    I have the Life mag from 1938 (October) where I could maybe add some input to the book. Things about her, things she said or has done.
    I hope this might help add some info into the book! Im looking forward to the bio!


  8. WebMistress says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for your offer. I already have that one but it was sweet of you nonetheless. I truly appreciate it. Any special request for what YOU would like the book to include? xoxo

    Love and Light,

  9. Skot says:

    I can’t wait! Maybe you can sign my copy for me :)

  10. WebMistress says:

    You got it Skot. xoxo

  11. Donna says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Carole Lombard-Gable, you are a true sweetheart!

    Please write another bio on Carole. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!

  12. WebMistress says:

    I AM! I AM! 24/7 my days -and nights- have been all Lombard. She’s so fascinating that I don’t mind ; ) If you have any suggestions or requests I am all ears. This book is for YOU and all the other Lombardiers. xoxo

  13. Walter says:

    This is fantastic! When can we pre-order?

  14. Carrie says:

    Oh I can’t wait! I also would like to pre-order so please hurry.

  15. WebMistress says:

    Thank you for your kind comments and support Walter and Carrie. As soon as I find out I will let you know when you can pre-order.

  16. andrea meine says:

    hi im andrea meine im a big lombard fan. i have 6 carole lombard scrapbooks complete with 8 x 10 photos,tobacco cards,postcards,magazine covers and articles,newspaper articles and clippings,original film stills,books on lombard, a brooch belonging to carole lombards grandmother from the 1900s that carole wore in a school play as a child complete with certificate of autnenticity. i also have a lombard early 1930s color notebook cover, carole lombards life story tribute magazine dated january 1942, miniuatere black and white photos from 30s and 40s from foreign countries,a l.a. times newspaper article dated jan 1942 with headline carole lombard feared dead in plane crash. 2 full length newspaper with carole on cover from 1938-1939. airplane crash report and article rginal photos of lombard. made for each other 1939 vintage movie matinee theatere ad,advertisements,movie ads,sheet music from her films. contact me if this helps your book or your interested.

  17. andrea meine says:

    hi im andrea meine i also have radio show cds. also carole hated adolf hitler. also actress clara bows son witnessed the plane crash. he saw th plane go down and saw smoke coming from the moutain. this has been confirmed. also caroles body was burnt and decapatated. also confirmed. pilot error caused the crash. the pilot was flying to close to the ground. also confirmed. also caroles favorite photograph of herself for many years was a photo of carole in a black bathing suit with bobbed hair holding a parasel when she was a mack sennett bathing beauty. photo dated 1928. include photo in your book. thanks andrea meine. please contact me.

  18. WebMistress says:

    thank you so much Andrea. I am shooting you an e-mail right . . .NOW!

    Love and Light

  19. Carol Lombard says:

    Wow what a lovely place to be! I was having a sluggish beginning to my day, so when I googled Carol’s name, there it was! It gave a real boost to my day. My father named me Carol, and for some reason, the “e” was dropped; not sure why. I have been a professional clown for almost 12 years, and have always had a real funny bone type of humour. What would be a lot of fun is to be able to connect with other Carol Lombards in the world. I believe we have 3 or 4 here in Toronto, Canada. Looking forward to this new collection of memoirs!
    Peace and blessings to you all!
    Carol Lombard

  20. Carla says:

    How fun! The world certainly needs more Carole Lombards – with or without the e ; ) Thank you for your kind comments about the site and welcome!


  21. Cyndi says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Carole Lombard and Clark Gable. Glad to see that others want to keep her memory alive. I just finished watching Nothing Sacred that I had recorded back in January. Good luck and really enjoyed the video on the two as well!

  22. Carla says:

    Hey Cyndi! Nothing Sacred’s a screwball delight and special in that we get to see Carole shine in color!

    Love and Light

  23. Maureen says:

    I so look forward to your biography of Carole. Her talent and beauty are totally addictive.
    I think the web site is fabulous. Thanks so much for all the work you do. It’s appreciated!

  24. Carole Bartlett says:

    I am looking forward to this Biography. I was named for Ms. Lombard. My Dad thought she was the best. He said that he had met her once and thought she was very beautiful. It was around the time she was with Clark Gable. My middle name is Louise. It was the closest my Dad could get to the name Lombard!
    The best of luck to you.

    Carole Bartlett

  25. Paul says:

    Hello! I am a big fan of Carole Lombard. Please let me know when your biography gets published. I hope it contains many photos. I am waiting impatiently.

    Best regards,


  26. Carla says:

    Thank you for your sweet comments you all. I promise to let you know when it gets published. Until then I shall continue dreaming, thinking, reading, watching, and writing Carole Lombard 24/7.

    Love and Light

  27. Tracie says:

    Dear Fans: I have been a Carole Lombard fan since I was 10 yrs. old. I’ve only found 1 bio. on her in a library many years ago, but came across it later & my mom paid alot of money for me to have it. I’m so glad to hear a new one is in the works. I understand back in ‘the day’ the studios hushed up scandals, but am curious to know if Clark Gable ever had an inkling that Loretta Youngs daughter was his? I’d like to know about that story, ’cause you know somebody had to know something. Also, that idea makes me sad to think that maybe Carole had the problem getting pregnant because besides becoming Mrs. C. Gable, that was the other thing she wanted most. Thank you.

  28. Carla says:

    Tracie: I am actually researching/reading about that right now. I recommend you pick up a copy of a book called “Uncommon Knowledge” by Judy Lewis, a.k.a. Loretta Young and Clark Gable’s daughter. She talks all about it and meeting him. xoxo

  29. Mary Ranaudo-Somers says:

    Dear Carla:

    I am so glad to have found your wonderful Carole Lombard site — it is very tastefully done! I was so disappointed in the last biography of Carole — it told me nothing new. I really look forward to your book.

    I had a real treat last November. I saw Carole in The Princess Comes Across at the Film Forum in NYC. I had never seen it and thought she was wonderful and was well-matched with frequesnt co-star and friend, Fred Mac Murray.

    Thanks again — all best wishes to you!


  30. Carla says:

    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your sweet words about the site. I hope to give you lots of new information in this new book . . . or a refund!

    I am glad you liked The Princess Comes Across. I too enjoyed it and thought she was wonderful. Have you seen Twentieth Century? Twentieth Century, My Man Godfrey, and To Be Or Not To Be make me laugh until I hurt. Every time!!

    Love and Light

  31. marshell says:

    HAve you decided the cover photographed you are going to use for your book. The one I would like to see is the one from the Coburn session with her sitting in the dark dress with the Gable ruby clips on the collar with the black feather hat , holding a cigarete in her left hand. Hope the book is coming along. Have you heard of one being done by The Carole Lombard Archive?

  32. Carla says:

    Hi Marshell!

    I have a vague idea of the cover. I like that photo as well and though I will surely use it inside, I don’t want to use it on the cover for the simple fact that it shows her smoking. Got to break the “smoking is glamourous” myth that’s been peddling for gosh knows how many years!! lol. I have not heard of a book being done by “The Carole Lombard Archive” but the way I see it: the more the merrier.

    Love and Light

  33. A Fan says:

    I don’t want to offend anyone or start a fight, but I think it should be known that this “Carole Lombard archive” Marshell mentioned is just a woman with a private collection. I was thinking of donating somethings until I learned that it wasn’t registered as a non-profit or anything and isn’t endorsed by Carole’s family or estate.

    With that said I look forward to your book and will keep enjoying your website.

  34. Dear Carla,

    Just found your sight! Been a fan of Carole and Clark Gable for years.

    Last July I visited the Isle of Capri as I usually do in the summer. This is where one of Clark’s last movies was filmed called, “It Started in Naples” with Sophia Loren. I met the lady who owns the house where the inside sets were filmed. Her family was displaced to another location for the duration of the filming by the movie crew. I was up on the roof where Sophia watches Clark’s ferry boat leaving the harbor.

    I purchased a pair of Carole’s earrings on ebay. They came with a certificate of authenticity but I always wondered if they were genuine.

    Carole directed in her will to be buried in a gown of white by Irene. Please forgive the morbidness but do you know if Forest Lawn was able to grant Carole’s directive because of the condition of her remains? Also, we know Clark knew the condition of his wife’s remains, but did he view her if the funeral technicians were able to make her somewhat presentable?

    Have visited Forest Lawn Glendale twice and saw the burial sites of Carole, her mother and Clark. I took pictures and was awe struck while there. It was like a pilgrimage!

  35. Carla says:

    Hey Marshell,

    Well . . . so far I’ve done 101 new interviews, have compiled over 2, 792 documents, hundreds of new photos, and it looks like people want to publish it! If you are asking about a particular date, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have one yet and I’m still filling in a couple of holes here and there. GOT TO GET IT RIGHT!!

    I’m stilling collecting information so if you or anyone else has any suggestions and tips- you know I am all ears! Thank you so much for all of your support.

    Love and Light

  36. Justine Olawsky says:

    Hey Carla!

    Love your site; love Lombard; am looking forward to your book! You have an impressive amount of new stuff collected — keep on! Lombard fans everywhere are longing for a really good biography of our Profane Angel. Thank you for honoring not just an amazing beauty, a fine actress, and a brilliant comedienne, but a really stellar human being. All my best to you!

  37. Carla says:

    Thank you Justine ;)

  38. Mary Shawn says:

    A new book about Carole Lombard is long overdue…. “Screwball” was fine but I’m learning more details about Carole via new books on Clark Gable. Is Jean Garceau still alive and available for an interview? I know many of Carole’s friends are deceased, which makes it a bit difficult but perhaps you’ve found previously unseen or unreleased interviews they gave with information on Carole. In the don’t want to be morbid category, I still wonder what Carole’s notes for Clark said–the ones she instructed Jean Garceau to give to Clark every day till she returned. I wonder if they even exist….

    Anyway, I congratulate you on this endeavor and look forward to your book!

    Best regards!

  39. Cindy says:

    I’ve been waiting for a decent book on Carole for 20 years. I don’t want to sound picky but I’d prefer a coffee table book filled with photos and new information. Happy writing.


  40. sam davis says:

    What a glamorous, and Classy lady and what a Tragedy to die so young, Carole Lombard and Clark what a couple, he was never the same after Carole’s death he was Heartbroken—great site…

  41. Caroline says:


    What a wonderful site.

    I have been fascinated with Carole since the early eighties when I happened upon a library book, Gable and Lombard by Warren G Harris. Managed to buy a secondhand copy of the book which I still read periodically, pretty dog-earred now mind you!

    I am so looking forward to release of the book.

    Keep up the good work.


    Caroline (Scotland)

  42. Donna says:

    Dear Mary: Jean Garceau died over 3l years ago, sorry to say. I, too, wondered about the letters to Clark that Carole wrote him before the fatal plane crash in which Carole died.

    Carole Lombard was and still is the G R E A T E S T !!!

    Can’t wait for “Carla’s book on our favorite star”!

  43. Donna says:

    When I was a little girl I was watching the show “I’ve Got a Secret”
    At the end of the show they introduce secretely a celebrity to the audience but the contestants are blindfolded…….well……………no one guessed what this person ‘did’ to be on the show BUT I remember it like it was yesterday. Behind the curtain and hanging from rafters were glassed in pictures of Lana Turner—–the contestant-celebrity was the number one collector of photos of Lana Turner (he did appear on the show as I remember)_, I have been collecting pictures of CLG for over 33 years now but I don’t have nearly as many pictures as that person of LT. Anyone out there, reading this have a collection of Carole Lombard Gable!!??????? AKSO “Joan Blondell called Carole “the dishiest of the dishiest actresses there were.”–I agree

  44. Mary Shawn says:

    I recently learned both of Carole’s brothers, Frederick and Stuart, had wives (I stumbled across photos of their burial sites). I wonder if either of the men had children and what, if anything, they told them about their sister.

    Hope all is going well. Happy Holidays to everyone!

    Mary Shawn

  45. juli says:

    Try and get in touch with Robert Stack (or maybe you already have) would be an excellent source huh?

  46. june says:

    Hello! And welcome back! So very happy to hear from you, and to know the book is still in the works. Let me know if I can help in any way. Bless you!

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