There has been much ado about the height of Miss Lombard. Figures go from 5’2 to as high as 5’6 depending on who you ask. I mentioned earlier I am in the midst of writing a bio on Carole Lombard (which FYI is almost done!) and among some of the hundreds of documents I’ve rummaged through I came across this:

An application for a new drivers license Carole Lombard filled out on March 25, 1937. (Apparently the first was stolen)

Among many things, she lists her height as 5’5 1/2.

Now, I tell you why I am inclined to believe this. Look at what she wrote down for her year of birth: October 6, 1908 aka THE RIGHT YEAR! Not 1909 or 1910 as she’d occasionally right down on some documents (ahem marriage license) but the correct year of birth. The weight she gives, 112 lbs, is also consistent with figures given by her secretaries and dressmakers. Travis Banton himself listed her height as 5’5 1/2.

And there you have it.

Ok, I’ll admit I’m bummed. I was secretly praying for a 5’4 ala moi ; )

2 Responses to Carole Lombard’s Height: In Her Own Words

  1. Mary says:

    I just wanted to say that I love this web site! This past week or so I stubbled on to it, and am so happy that I did. I am a huge Carole Lombard fan! Using Carole Lombard as TCM’s Star of the Month is so exciting! Her first day starts on monday and I can’t wait, even though I own several of the films. I’m exited to see all of the films that I haven’t seen this next month! Thanks again for the wonderful site!!!

  2. WebMistress says:

    Thanks Mary!

    I’m glad you did too and thank YOU for all your support.

    Lots of Lombard Love,


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