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Welcome to the latest contest at

A contest so good that we need two months to find a winner.

And enough funds. HAH!

But seriously, is teaming up with the owners of the Carole Lombard House and we are sending one lucky site visitor for a free 3 day/2 night trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana to stay at the home where Carole Lombard was born and raised!

Contribute to the new book I am writing on Carole Lombard: If you ever knew or met Carole, have memories from those who did, took photos of her, have photos of her, received a letter from her, have letters from her, or have any other information that could help with this endeavor, please e-mail me at: and receive credit as well as points for a chance to win!

You can also get points by referring people!

At the end of the contest, the individual with the most points wins. Fair enough?

The winner will receive:
A trip for 2 to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Trip includes airfare and 3 days/2 nights accommodation at the Carole Lombard House.

To enter this contest you must:
++ Be 18 years or older by July 16, 2009
++ Be a U.S. citizen.
++ Have a valid e-mail address

CONTEST ENDS: July 16, 2009 at Midnight PT.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let the contest BEGIN!

CLAUDIA from Barcelona!!! Felicidades Claudia! Your 14 DVDS are on the way.

We had so many entries for this contest that I decided, what the heck? Let’s just pull two more names. So congratulations to:

KENDRA from Los Angeles and

HELEN L. from I haven’t a clue where. (Please check your e-mail).

Each of them are getting a free DVD.

Congratulations ladies and thank you to everybody who participated! This was definitely one of our better contests at and I hope to follow it with an even more successful one so stay tuned. Another contest is just around the corner.

I told you we had another contest just around the corner. This is the best yet.

We’re going to try something a little new though. Raffle style. Unlike before when you would enter and leave the rest up to chance, this time around you have a bit more control over your winnings. So here is the deal: you submitted some Lombard content, you’re entered to win some prizes. The more content you submit, the more entries you get and the more likely your name will get chosen out of my Dietrich style top hat.

Carole Lombard Article: 5 tickets [this must be one that has not already been posted here]
Carole Lombard Photo: 3 tickets [one that does not already appear in the Photo Archives]
Carole Lombard Colorized Photo: 2 tickets [as in you did it yourself]
Carole Lombard Graphics: 1 ticket [this includes headers, wallpaper, etc]
Carole Lombard Icon: 1 ticket

Send me an e-mail at and include as many of the above attached in your e-mail.

The winner will receive the following DVDs and DVD collection set:


*Made For Each Other
*Mr. And Mrs. Smith
*My Man Godfrey
*No Man of Her Own
*Nothing Sacred
*To Be Or Not To Be
*Twentieth Century

. . . That’s 13 Lombard Movies Total. Now that’s HOT!

To enter this contest you must have the following:
++A valid e-mail address
++A valid mailing address

CONTEST ENDS: May 8, 2008 at Midnight

Questions? Comments? Concerns? If not, gimme some content and let’s get this party started!

Since I am late on announcing the winner for our March contest I’ve decided to chose more than one, four to be exact. Congratulations to:

Nancy W. from Kansas
Luis R. from Rio de Janeiro
Kimberly B. from NYC
Marc W. from Los Angeles

And thank you to everyone who entered. We have another fun contest coming up so stay tuned and prepare yourself to enter and win some goodies!

Carole Lombard New month, new contest. No recession is going to rain on our parade!

Many of you know that I am writing a new biography on Carole Lombard. Which, by the way, is going VERY VERY well! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This one is for the die-hards!

To make sure I give you what you want it is important that I know exactly what you want. So tell me.

Send me an e-mail at and describe your dream Carole Lombard book. What would it look like? What would it include? The more detail, the better.

The winner will receive a Carole Lombard film of their choice as well as an 8×10 glossy photograph of La Lombard.

To enter this contest you must have the following:
++A valid e-mail address
++A valid mailing address

CONTEST ENDS: March 31, 2008 at Midnight

SARAH who has chosen My Man Godfrey (1936)

She wrote:


I have not known about you for a long time, as I am only 16 years old, but I just wanted everyone to know that your work amazes me, and I am spending the whole day thinking about you, talking about you, and keeping your memory alive. You, your kindness, and your talent have touched me and my life, and it would have been an honor for me to know you. Hopefully we’ll meet some day on the other side. I love you, and I know you’re resting in peace.

– Sarah

Oh and for the record: Everyone’s name was put in a hat ; )

I’m sorry for posting this late / not really updating today but I’m sick again with a high fever. Hopefully whatever I’ve got goes away quick. xoxo

Death can’t stop us from loving those who have left us, and it can’t take away our memories. Thanks to the internet, we can all look forward to digitally living forever ; )

For many, Carole’s death was inconceivable. Carole Lombard couldn’t be dead. She was so ALIVE! Life ala Lombard was pure love and laughter. It meant seizing the day, living for others, and never, never, never giving up.

She was more than the Queen of Comedy; she was the Queen of Hearts. Carole loved people and people loved her back. She loved life and life loved her too. She many not have lived long but she lived enough. And so, while the world mourned her death, I like to think, she rejoiced.

The following tribute is from a fan that was selected by Photoplay for the April 1942 issue.

Carole Lombard:
She left a trail of laughter when she walked

Across this world which needs a laugh so much.

She did not care when pompous people talked

About her lack of dignity and such.

For while her work was make-believe, pretense.

Could never touch her gallant, generous heart

And she was quick to help her flag’s defense

And glad to know that she could do her part.

She did not wear a uniform, it’s true,

But she died none the less for freedom’s sake.

You men shot down at Guam and Oahu,

Ghosts of the Philippines, Midway, and Wake

Admit another soldier to your troop.

For she should march through time with your brave group.
- Ruth Arundel Piercy, Oreland, Pa.

Oscar Wilde once said: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Perhaps this is why sixty seven years after her death, Carole Lombard is loved dearly by millions who never met her and were born long past her time. Why do you?

Why do you love/like/remember Carole Lombard?

As an incentive, every person who comments by Midnight PST will have a chance to win a free Lombard movie of their choice (and in my collection!). Tomorrow morning I will announce the winner. Make sure you leave a valid e-mail address so you can be contacted you bashful beings you.

With that I will close with a poem, one most loved by Carole and her mother, and that was read at their funeral:

The dark threads are as
In the Weaver’s skillful hand
As the threads of gold and
In the pattern He has planned.

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Congratulations to Scott, Jacqueline, and Rose who were selected as the winners of November’s Radio Contest at and thank you to all of you for entering!

I’m adding some last minute touches to our next contest so stay tunned. xoxo

Carole Lombard
Due to the awesome response of last month’s contest is having another one and this time YOU can win a 4 CD set of CAROLE LOMBARD- Old Time Radio Shows. There are four (4) programs from the Lux Radio Theater. Approx. 4 hours on 4 audio CDs.

All you have to do is email and tell us one question you have about Carole Lombard. For example: Alice Marble wrote that Carole Lombard used to tell stories about her days as a salesclerk at a department store. What store did she work at?

The winner will be selected at random. If your entry is chosen you will receive the following shows:

01. IN NAME ONLY – Starring: Carole Lombard, Cary Grant, Kay Francis – Time: 59:17 – Date: December 11, 1939

02. MR. AND MRS. SMITH – Starring: Carole Lombard, Bob Hope – Time: 55:14 – Date: June 09, 1941

03. MY MAN GODFREY – Starring: Carole Lombard, Dick Powell, Gail Patrick, David Niven – Time: 58:42 – Date: May 09, 1938
Romantic Comedy

04. THE MOON’S OUR HOME – Starring: Carole Lombard, Jimmy Stewart – Time: 59:08 – Date: February 10, 1941

To enter this contest you must have the following:
++A valid e-mail address
++A valid mailing address

CONTEST ENDS: November 30, 2008 at Midnight

Carole Lombard
Congratulations to Yvonne S. from Atascadero, California for winning the Carole Lombard Centennial Contest. Yvonne will be receiving “The Glamour Collection” which includes six of Carole’s films on DVD.

This was the first contest at and over 100 entries were received. WOW. I want to thank all of you for entering and while I cannot send everyone a copy, I CAN promise we will be having many more contests to look forward to here at

Check out what Yvonne had to say:

I am a fan of Carole Lombard for many reasons. I love her films. I love her style
and fashion sense. And twice each month, I relive a bit of her life while working
as a volunteer Living History docent at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. We docents
dress in period 1930′s clothing during the evening tours at the Castle, and we
wander through the gardens where Carole Lombard strolled with Clark Gable. We chat
in the Morning Room where Carole gossiped with her friend Marion Davies. We play
puzzles in the Assembly Room, where Carole listened to music, danced and put puzzles
together with Marion. What secrets did they confide in one another? What stories
did they tell? We docents can only imagine, and wonder!

I feel an intense connection to Carole Lombard every time that I pick up a pool cue
in the Billards Room and play a game for the watching tourists. During these games,
I listen to the Hearst Castle tour guides tell the story of the time when Carole
walked into the room pretending to be a novice pool player. Carole even held the
cue by the wrong end! Only after convincing the men in the room that she was an
idiot — and encouraging them to bet on the game — did Miss Lombard reveal her
skills! She cleared the table, and the wallets of her contenders!

So, when I miss a shot, I often sigh, and say, “Sorry, I am no Carole Lombard.” But
I can smoke up a storm on my phony cigarettes, and — if allowed — I could probably
swear as well as Carole supposedly did during her day!

Since becoming a Living History docent this past spring, I have become obsessed with
1930s movies and fashions. A typical night at my home is spent watching Turner
Classic Movies. My husband and I have purchased 1930′s clothing at vintage stores
and on e-bay. I now own about 7-8 gowns, along with the matching gloves, hats,
purses, jewelry and shoes. My husband has an equal number of suits and ties. I am
in the process of purchasing a human hair wig that can be curled. I intend to ask
my hairdresser to style it in the style that Carole Lombard wore — smoth along the
face, but curled on the right side and near the bottom.

If I win this contest, I intend to donate the films to the Hearst Castle Library so
that they can be shared with all of the docents and tour guides. They will serve as
a marvelous reference to the movies, the fashions, the vocabulary and mannerisms of
the 1930s. And they will serve as an educational tool about Carole Lombard for all
of the 80-plus paid guides, and 50-plus volunteer docents.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration in this contest. Thank you very much.

Yvonne S