MIKE M. just sent me this clip of the 1974 film Airport 1975.The film features Gloria Swanson who plays herself and at around 7min and 35 seconds into the clip Swanson makes a comment about Carole Lombard. Swanson wrote all of her dialogue in the film and in the scene regarding Lombard, Gloria Swanson’s PA refers to the autobiography the actress has just finished writing and asks her to provide the names of two actresses who didn’t cave in to the studios under pressure – Swanson replies, “That’s easy, Carole Lombard and Grace Moore!”

Both Lombard and Moore were very close friends of Swanson and like Lombard, Moore was killed in an airplane crash in the 1940s.

Check it out below:

4 Responses to Lombard Reference/Tribute in Airport 1975

  1. Skot says:

    So classic ..Myrna Loy. Helen Reddy as a nun singing to Linda Blair..the Exorcist. This would be a perfect weird dream. Did you know that this scene, and a lot of this movie was the inspiration for the movie “Airplane”?

  2. Skot says:

    The singing nun scene was in the movie Airplane.

  3. Tally says:

    I think its a crime.WHats happened here…CARLA, WHERE ARE YA??

  4. be pleased with your things relative to it Lombard Reference/Tribute in Airport 1975 | Carole Lombard

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